Miembro Asociado de la SFWA

Este es mi post de presentación en el foro privado de la SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America), organización a la que ahora pertenezco como miembro asociado.


I am Rodrigo Juri, chilean… probably the first chilean ever in SFWA! Although, I will be happy if somebody proves me wrong about this.

What can I say. I love SF since my childhood, reading old argentinian science fiction magazines (Más Allá, kind of translation of Galaxy) in my grand parents’ house. Long, long has been the road since then, but I am here, finally.

Just at the end of may I sent my first story to Clarkesworld, and it was accepted (I cried, shouted, and give thanks to my ancestors!). What was the very first thing that I did after seeing my name at the July issue? Give thanks to the editor (thanks again, forever, Neil), and to apply as an associate member to SFWA, of course.

And here I am. Hopefully I will find ways to help and colaborate with this prestigious community of writers. As master Vonnegut said, “You are all I read anymore. You are the only crazy enough to really care about the future” (I didn´t include the first part of the quote, but you know).

My first lenguage is spanish, so please, forgive any grammar or vocabulary mistake. At the same time, I am avalaible to help in many kind of projects, but specially if there are anyone related to Latinoamerican science fiction.

Thank you everybody.


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